“Colorado Reading Center is dedicated to helping clients with the successful remediation of learning difficulties in reading, comprehension, spelling, and writing through our researched based programs.”

For over twenty-four years, the Colorado Reading Center has served Colorado families. We provide specialized one-on-one academic therapy for individuals from six years old to adult. While we focus on dyslexia, reading, comprehension, spelling, and writing difficulties, we also work on academic enrichment as well. The programs utilized by the Colorado Reading Center are research-based and scientifically shown to successfully remediate learning difficulties.

Our unique services are tailored to each individual. They are drawn from a long scientific body of work and are designed to address specific learning difficulties. We have the flexibility and expertise to combine programs based on each student’s needs. Building on a long history of success in these areas, we have consistently demonstrated the beneficial remediation of learning difficulties. After years of working with students of all ages, we feel passionately that every one should, and more importantly can, experience the joy of reading.

Robert Windle is a literacy specialist and the Director of the Colorado Reading Center. He began working in education and mental health in 2009, and received his Masters of Humanities from the University of Colorado Denver in 2013.