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Our team is constantly reviewing the latest research and methodology in the areas of learning and remediation.  Numerous studies over the past 40 years have refined our knowledge of the causes and solutions for reading and learning weaknesses. Studies show that there are effective solutions for life-long reading and learning problems. But, waiting does not solve learning problems. If you are unsure of your student’s needs, we can help with clear answers to your questions and concerns.

We offer a variety of Academic Therapy Programs designed to address your student’s educational weaknesses. Each program is tailored for the individual student’s needs and administered to provide results in the most expedient time frame. We also provide consistent updates to parents throughout the program’s duration.

Once you are ready to begin, we will administer a 90-minute assessment, using standardized measures, to determine your student’s needs. The assessment is followed by a consultation to review the results of the tests, provide our recommendations, and allow plenty of time to answer your questions. You will receive a written report that documents the test results and recommendations. If you have prior, diagnostic testing from your school or psychologist, we are happy to review those results with you.

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