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Does your child struggle with reading or writing? Many bright and capable students struggle with these essential academic skills. For over 20 years, the Colorado Reading Center has helped countless children and adults with successful remediation.

There are numerous reasons why your child may be struggling with reading and writing. We can identify the specific weaknesses your child faces, and develop a tailored plan to address those issues. Reading and writing are perhaps the most important skills a student needs to master, as they impact every area of school and daily life. The sooner students can overcome the specific obstacles that are in their way, the more confident and successful they will be in school.

We work with children and adults. It’s never too late to improve reading and writing skills. We provide one-on-one instruction with highly skilled clinicians at our Center, or through video conferences. In some circumstances we can even work with your child at school.

If you or your child has health issues, scheduling problems, transportation constraints, or you just live too far away, our video conferences may be the solution. We are based in Colorado, but we provide instruction for people all over the country. Every program is personalized and each student receives one-on-one attention.

You may have tried many other solutions for your child’s reading or writing struggles in the past, but our programs are unique. We are not homework-focused tutoring or a study skills-based program. Those programs are simply not effective for people with learning issues. Our programs are research-based, one-on-one academic therapy designed to help all students reach their potential.

Contact the Colorado Reading Center, and let us start your student on a program of success and confidence in reading and writing.

We are pleased to provide tutoring on campus at the following schools

Aspen Academy
Colorado Academy
Denver Christian School
Denver Jewish Day School
Front Range Christian School
Global Village Academy
Good Shepherd Catholic School
Graland Country Day School
St. Anne’s Episcopal School
St. Mary’s Academy
St. Mary’s Catholic School Littleton

Call us to see if we can add your school!

Our Programs

Reading and Dyslexia

Weakness in phonological processing is the primary underlying cause of reading problems. It is the ability to identify, compare, manipulate, remember and retrieve sounds while keeping them in sequence.

Reading Comprehension

When reading comprehension problems are not due to an inability to read the words (decoding), the problem is often related to the ability to create accurate and complete imagery from what is read.


The writing program at the Colorado Reading Center provides students with a new and stress free way for the emerging writer to complete any written language task or assignment.

Reading and Spelling

Orthographic instruction involves teaching the student about the rules that govern how words are spelled and pronounced.

What They’re Saying About Colorado Reading Center

“Wow, what a reader! Matt’s reading skills are soaring. His reading and critical thinking skills are way beyond his years.”

Matt’s Teacher

“Now that I am in college it is really evident that your help is helping me…
For the first time ever, I have a B in an English class…”

Jeremy C.

“Dale has been on the Honor Roll for the past six consecutive quarters…His time and effort spent in your program has yielded results that have far exceeded our expectations.”

Kim K.

“It is wonderful to see Alex succeed! His counselor wants to put him in some more honors classes…”

Sharon S.

“…I would like to let you know that Melissa… loves to read now and she writes beautiful essays that bring tears to your eyes.” 

Ilene W.

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