The Colorado Reading Center blog is dedicated to promoting literacy and reading education. We discuss all aspects of literacy, from struggling readers and learning differences, to the joys of reading and reading comprehension. Whether you are a parent of an emerging reader, looking for more information about learning difficulties, or just love to read and need some recommendations, we hope to guide you in the right direction.

Our posts will vary by topic. We will discuss learning strategies and reading remediation, dyslexia, book suggestions and recommend reading, as well as the science behind reading. With over seven years in literacy work and advocacy, we strive to promote effective and scientific methods for reading development.

After years of working with students of all ages, We feel passionately that every one should, and more importantly CAN, experience the magic of reading. Reading is a diverse set of abilities that come together to allow us to experience the past, ponder over the future, and glean insight into our present. This is all achieved because reading preserves thought in text. Telepathy exists in the sense that we can share our thoughts with others through the medium of the printed word. It is as essential to us as any part of our humanity and we are dedicated to enhancing this wonderful skill for everyone.

Please provide us with feedback. We look forward to reading your comments and suggestions.

Happy reading!